NY Arts Magazine

Robert W. Firestone: Feelings, by Dominick Lombardi, May/June, 2007

“Firestone is at his best when he pushes his abstractions to a simpler, more primal place. For instance, in his Community, the artist creates a rhythmic feel that yields fiery colors and haunting black forms. The result is a hypnotic, even dramatic, composition that blends jazzy organics with bold passages.”









Los Angeles Times

Robert Firestone’s Art is Now Ready-to-wear, Saturday, April 23, 2005

“Often art and fashion make strange bedfellows, but Sue Firestone and Mimi Wolfe have translated the vibrant visions of digital artist Robert Firestone into Tamsen, a line of printed jersey separates and chiffon gowns that is creating a buzz among the social set.”










ARTnews Magazine

ARTnews: “Feelings” Exhibition at Wickiser, March 2007 issue

“In Death Scene 4 (2006), a group of silhouettes stand before a crackling neon background that is likely formed by the branches of a tree. The acid colors pulse with an unnatural energy, as though they might be about to engulf the dark forms…. It is intense and visceral, like the traces of a memory that can be felt but no longer pictured.”






Essay by Curator Tania Gutsche

The selected works in this show suggest numerous contradictions and references when hung in the land of Mozart and Freud, of high culture and revelatory psychoanalysis. These artists represent the best contemporary efforts to derive organic emotion from either a machine (camera, computer, and printer) used for production, or the aspects of nature that have survived machines, both highlighting our tenuous human relationship with our planet. This is organic work which has emerged from an increasingly dehumanized world.





Cover: International Contemporary Masters 2008

Carnival, front cover of International Contemporary Masters 2008, January, 2008

Published by OMMA Center of Contemporary Art and curated by Despina Tunberg, this annual collection of contemporary art includes six works by R.W. Firestone.





venicemagVenice Magazine

Venice Magazine Adventure of Images 2003 Friday, June 20, 2003








Essay by Curator Enzo di Martino

A Traveler in Images, Friday, June 20, 2003

I once wrote that the work of the American artist Robert Firestone is a sort of “adventure of images”. Though he avails himself of the great formal lessons of twentieth-century art, the path of his research is entirely personal and characteristic.

The process through which he arrives at painting employs unusual tools and languages. His works are conceived and created through the use of photography and the computer, brought together with a particularly perceptive sensitivity toward color.


 omma-gr-press  Chania Newspaper

American Artist Exhibited at Omma, Wednesday, March 16, 2005

“Transformations” at Omma Center of Contemporary Art in Chania, Crete, Greece.