Robert Firestone's Art is Now Ready-to-Wear

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LA Times Article from April 2005

Robert Firestone's Art is Now Ready-to-Wear LA Times April 2005


Often art and fashion make strange bedfellows, but Sue Firestone and Mimi Wolfe have translated the vibrant visions of digital artist Robert Firestone into Tamsen, a line of printed jersey separates and chiffon gowns that is creating a buzz among the social set.

The designers, based in Santa Barbara, held a trunk show on Wednesday aboard their yacht, docked at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey.
Sue Firestone, Robert’s daughter-in-law, was an interior designer for 30 years before she decided to embark on a fashion line with Wolfe, who had an 18-year career in the junior apparel industry at Body Glove and other companies.

When the pair launched Tamsen two seasons ago, it was in New York. “But the line is very California-like, so we are moving it home now, doing the design and manufacturing in L.A.,” Wolfe Explained.

The Fall collection is based on three pieces of art – a landscape, a waterfall and a tower – all selected by the artist himself, who engineers the transition of his works into cloth with the aid of a computer. Among the standouts: an easy dress with suede piping in a swirly pattern, a draped wool jersey bolero top that brings to mind pointillism, a goatskin paillette wrap and a gold Lurex gown with a shadow print. Prices are $300 to $3,000.

“We love the prints and the cuts are really nice,” said Corinne Kingsbury of Curve, the Robertson Boulevard boutique that is selling the spring line in L.A. “It’s a cool concept to translate art onto clothing. And it’s a dressy twist on the L.A. aesthetic.”

Sue Firestone said, “When Shiva Rose came on the boat today, a total stranger wearing one of our dresses, it was the best feeling.”
The Firestones are determined to turn their idea into a lifestyle brand that one day could rival Pucci with a home collection and accessories.

-- Booth Moore
Times Staff Writer