R.W.Firestone Solos at Walter Wickiser Gallery

By R.W. Firestone Art on Feb 28, 2018 at 06:30 PM in Press

New York City Solo Show

Santa Barbara psychologist, author and artist R.W. Firestone uses computers, computer software and computer-driven printers not for their own sake, but for a way they can offer a new world of the emotions as can be seen in his forthcoming January 2007 exhibition entitled “Feelings” at the Walter Wickiser Gallery, 210 11th Avenue #303, New York, NY. On exhibition until 31 January, 2007.

Firestone’s digital paintings have a tremendous breadth, both of style and subject matter, and show a great degree of mastery of the immense possibilities that this new medium offers. It is a synthesis of painting and photography into something new, with an amazing sense of color and images of great beauty and power.

As Gabriella Fanning, retired editor and publisher of Art on Paper an ArtByte, put it: “Psychology is a subject that Firestone knows well. As a scientist whose life’s work is to observe and analyze emotions and the human experience in general, Firestone’s dual identity fits his choice of artistic medium. For the digital world, of course, marries the scientific with the artistic medium. Perhaps the artist’s deep understanding of these two disciplines is what has propelled him to succeed in creating such profoundly moving imagery. Only a scientist with a deep appreciation for recent advancements in technology could fully be open to utilizing these new tools. Only an artist could use such tools to create visual effects that serve as both homages to and successors of classic works of surrealism by Man Ray, Ubac, and Dali. Only a psychologist with years of formal training and practice could so accurately communicate the drama of the mental landscape. R.W. Firestone is all of these: scientist, artist, psychologist. And his art, so multifaceted visually, thematically, and technically, is a complex, engaging hybrid of media, styles, and concepts that is both times and timeless in its originality.”